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    High Quality Telomerase Enzyme Supplements

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    The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to three scientists who discovered the solution to a great biological mystery: How can the chromosomes that carry our genes be protected against breakdown as we age?

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    Latest scientific research in the field of cellular anti-aging

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    Longevity consulting services to support you in designing a custom anti-aging program based on your lifestyle, needs and budget.

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    The most concentrated telomerase enzyme supplement on the market formulated using the latest technology.

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    Active ingredients’ small particle mass ensures maximum sublingual absorption.

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    All Ingredients are completely natural and non-GMO. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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    Manufactured in the USA using industry-leading, GMP-certified supplement manufacturer facilities.

Welcome to Telomerance™!

Our mission is to help you improve, enrich and extend your life naturally. To fulfill this mission, we are committed to providing superior products and services, and to sharing our research in anti-aging and health with you.

Telomerance and Telomerance Plus offer state-of-the-art targeted telomere support, using all natural ingredients to build the telomeres that protect your DNA during cell reproduction - a major step in your anti-aging program.

Our products and services are for people who desire greater longevity and who are ready to experience better health and vitality as they age. We look forward to working with you!


Nobel Prize winning research has shown that we can extend telomere length and therefore cells' longevity. Springing from this research, our products are the ideal approach to maximizing vitality and health of your cells.

What is telomerase enzyme?

As you get older, the chromosomes within your cells become unable to divide properly because the telomeres caps that protect them have worn away. The telomere tip, which is made of telomerase enzyme, protects your DNA from fraying.

Anti-Aging Tips

Increasing your vitality starts with your lifestyle. New studies have shown us the best natural approaches to preventing disease and living longer. You may find them surprising!

7 Reasons We Age

As you age, your cells begin to lose their function, this the major cause of aging. Addressing your aging on the cellular level is the only way to increase your body’s vitality and longevity.